Quality according to iDeMa

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Quality according to iDeMa

Software quality

We regularly share our experiences in customer service,user experience and software quality. Of course, this is our job. We often discover beautiful nuggets. Sometimes solutions whose bitterness would deserve a book, or a basin.

Who does digital serve?

Digital and personal data

Will customer care survive the pandemic?

Deconfine yourself

Quality at iDeMa ?

So we thought "what about us"?

Close to Six Sigma standards

We measured the number of anomalies in our largest production project. We count almost 25 cases out of 1,396,000 interventions per year (yes, this is a software for managing technician interventions - we'll let you find out which one in our news.... It is widely used in Africa). That is a rate of 17.9 cases per 1 million cases or if you prefer 0.00179% of anomalies! This is not Six Sigma (Aeronautics goes even further) but it is close.  

Not bad, right?

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