The next move: business computing and business intelligence #BI

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The next move: business computing and business intelligence #BI

A not so trivial ticket in the context of a #TMA.

We have been working with Channel+ for several years for the development, support, and application maintenance of a tool deployed on a Pan-African scale.

In this context, we sometimes receive tickets related to events that could be listed as anomalies

Last week, Julien, our CTO and Tech Lead on the subject, was talking to me about a ticket we had just received as part of our third-party application maintenance #TMA

After reading the request, he noted that it revealed more a request for understanding of user uses than a malfunction in the strict sense.

A #BI analysis

Julien's answer will be detailed and will correspond more to a #BI analysis. That is to say, a study of requests allowing us to identify treatments that are certainly atypical but well requested by certain users. These treatments reveal a use not originally imagined.

This type of analysis is becoming more and more frequent. It sometimes generates the demand for new developments to meet the observed uses.

This in itself is not very surprising. It is however a good testimony of our methodological approach.


The Conceptual Data Model - #CDM: the engine of the application

iDeMa's strategy is to carefully develop our business informatics solutions with powerful Conceptual Data Models (CDM) in order to benefit from a robust and scalable tool.

In this case the MCD is particularly remarkable. Not only does it manage more than 4 million events per year, but it handles both #structured and unstructured data. It is not a #Big Data project since the #volumes do not reach the Zeta bytes but the nature of the data is quite characteristic. They are distinguished by their #variety. It can be classical data, but also images, barcodes, customer reviews, signatures, maps to name the main ones.

We had written an article on the subject about Big Data that we invite you to read here.

This variety of data required special care in the design of the Conceptual Data Model in the early stages of development. This is a demanding phase, admittedly a bit abstract for users (Conceptual even) but essential.

Facilitating #BI

The #MCD has been imagined from the beginning of the application design, not only to facilitate the scalability of the application but also, for the next move, to facilitate the work of the BI and to have useful information feedback to the business and create value.

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