"It was 26 March 2019" Big Data, Big Data, episode 2


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"It was 26 March 2019" Big Data, Big Data, episode 2

This 26th of March 2019, "for the record" we had the pleasure to receive an email from our client Canal+ Africa informing us of the realization of the first technician intervention on AlonwApp (yes yes Zakaria, we are talking about you).

Alon what? AlonwApp!

For several years we have been working with the teams of Canal+ Africa teams on the development, then on the evolution requests resulting from the users' experience. Alonwa is an application that allows you to assign installation and maintenance tasks for the reception of pay-TV programmes.
This application is intended for several thousand technicians spread over 13 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar! It :

  • affects interventions from the Canal+ CRM
  • identifies the available, competent and adequately equipped technicians, according to their GEOLOCATED intervention area
  • records the completion of the intervention
  • orders the payment of technicians to the Canal IS (SAP)
  • monitors the customer satisfaction index.

Alonwa integrates two web services (one as an input for the CRM and a second as an output for SAP), which allows the technician's performance indicators to be sent to the French head office on 7 hierarchical levels with management of the network structure. From its first version Alonwa integrates web and sms technologies ! The second version consisted of a global overhaul with migration from MySQL to PostgreSQL technology.

The last one, and the one for which we received this nice email, is a mobile version for Android synchronised with the desktop version and allowing to facilitate the technician's work even more:

  • for geolocation of interventions
  • for the integration of photos of the facilities
  • scanning of equipment barcodes
  • direct feedback of the customer satisfaction index
  • the customer's signature .

I hear you! But what does this have to do with Big Data? Well, with this achievement called AlonwApp, the data has a greater variety:

  • of the text ,
  • but also cards
  • photos
  • barcodes
  • a real rise in the customer's rating (which has not really risen until now)...

The variety of this data means that it has to be structured or ordered differently. Alonwa was developed on a sophisticated but classical structured relational database model. AlonwApp was developed on a semi-structured (or less structured if you prefer) database model, as are the Big Data databases; NoSQL data, i.e. not just SQL. The best part is that the two models work together in synchronized and non-synchronized mode to overcome local internet connection concerns.

So AlonWapp Big Data? Of course not! First of all, we are far from the volumes of Big Data (only a few GB). And this small volume does not imply the implementation of a specific infrastructure like that of Big Data. Finally, Alonwa and AlonWap are business applications! Doing Big Data also means setting up a specific data collection environment to analyse them: a Data Lake or super Data Warehouse.

In any case, the world of data has really changed!

In the next episode we may talk about structure and infrastructure! Depending on the scriptwriters, we'll see!

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