Who does digital serve? Or how not to forget the user?

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Who does digital serve? Or how not to forget the user?

Digital solutions

These last weeks, certainly like many, you have used more than ever the numerous digital solutions proposed by our administrations or providers.

With all physical contact outlawed (or nearly so) due to the pandemic, we were forced to perform many tasks via online solutions.

We had the opportunity to write a post on the subject in February https://www.idema.si/actualites/lecoute-client-survivra-telle-a-la-pandemie and then another one to complete our remarks, by addressing the issue of personal data https://www.idema.si/actualites/digital-et-personnal-data

Design flaws

There are obviously some design flaws in some applications. We can also unfortunately deplore the failures of some organizations that distribute their services supposedly with the support of "state of the art" digital solutions.

The excellent article by Philippe SILBERZAHN, which we have recently discovered and which we are echoing here again, https://philippesilberzahn.com/2021/04/05/j-ai-ouvert-un-ticket-comment-le-management-formel-tue-les-organisations/, offers a very pertinent explanation. For him, formal management kills organizations.

We would like to rebound on this analysis.

Accompany the user

Rushing the release of a new application without considering the user's expectations is never a good thing. It remains essential to identify the need, to specify it correctly and to receive the product to be delivered efficiently. Finally, a good support is essential. Not only does it allow you to accompany the user and improve his experience, but it also allows you to collect his feedback in order to perfect the application. Many of them meet these fundamentals of good project management. Unfortunately, some of them still seem to ignore them and put themselves at the service of their own "organization" and not their customers or end users. If digital does not serve the user, the user will turn away.

The digitalization of the administration, for example, can be a success when it is at the service of its citizens. Otherwise, it seriously hinders the adhesion of the citizens who will find a way to bypass it.

What are the impacts?

In the context of a private company, privileging its interests more than those of its customers, digitalization will immediately have a negative impact. We can mention in particular:

- the degradation of its brand image

- the loss of confidence of its users

- Lack of support and motivation to use the proposed solution

- and finally the search for an alternative offer from the competition

Digitalization, digitization or computerization, choose the expression that suits you but it must always be at the service of the user and not the other way around.

The service at iDeMa

At iDeMa , customer service is a constant driving force behind our daily efforts. And if we ever fall short of this goal, please let us know!

Thank you!

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