Application review at Safran

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Application review at Safran

Manage document creation and publication workflows in the aeronautics sector

On 12/10/2022 we went to our customer Safran for a re-entry meeting in order to review the basics of our organization and to prepare ourselves for the next evolution requests of the document management application that the iDeMa team had the honor to develop for them. This application is called TPLM.

We also provide support for this solution.

Application review

An application review is always a great opportunity to review with the business the concrete use of the developed system. Even if we think we know the subject, especially as the developer of the solution and guarantor of its support and maintenance, there is nothing like reviewing its functionalities with the people for whom it was designed.

The application makes it possible to monitor all the tasks required to create and maintain technical document publications. This is an extremely rigorous and demanding job. I like to remember the saying, "A Rafale's documentation is the weight of the Rafale and the budget of the Rafale. This is no doubt no longer entirely accurate, especially given the digital tools that considerably dematerialize documentation. However, it's a good way to illustrate the weight of documentation projects in the aeronautical field. Everything must be written, checked, recorded, traced and each creation or modification (we talk about document maintenance) must respect a standardized process.

In terms of quality process, we are on top of the world.

In this field, we do not aim for good, but for excellence. This requirement guarantees the safety of air transport. It goes far beyond what is still found today in the modern automobile industry (which is largely inspired by aeronautics).

Beyond the welcome we received and the excellent discussions we had with our client's team, we wanted to express our gratitude for being able to collaborate with them and for allowing us to have a glimpse of this roof of the world.


NB: you can also review our client's testimony by following the link

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