Only "number 1s"!


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Only "number 1s"!

Considering the current health situation, our 10th anniversary year will not be the one we had imagined. However, we are doing quite well!

We invite you to reread the article written at the end of the confinement recalling the advantages of our organisation, particularly well adapted to this situation with new technologies.

Unfortunately, we had to postpone indefinitely the event we had planned around our custom development, data architecture and data science activities. Indeed, it seemed risky to gather several people among our customers without knowing if such an operation would not be cancelled at the last moment. But that's only a temporary fix. We will find many other opportunities...

However, the year of iDeMa's tenth anniversary remains an important period of retrospection and reflection. It is therefore with a certain pride that we share with you the result of this analysis, which focuses on what brings our customers together. They are ALL "NUMBER 1"! And yes, whatever their field of activity, our customers are "number 1" in their sector. Our strategy of guaranteeing total exclusivity to all of them over the last few years has proved to be a winning one, since they work with us in complete confidence, possibly benefiting from work developed for others without any industrial or intellectual risk.

At the time, this was a daring, not to say risky, gamble, since by promising exclusivity to each of our clients without compensation, we were preventing ourselves from being de facto specialists in a particular field. Our answer is always the same! "When we work with each of the leaders in their market, iDeMa will be a successful company. It is true that the road is longer, but in the end it is much more exciting and rewarding. Even though our activities have been refocused on customised development and data (, we remain, once again, without functional specialisation, experts in our field, at the service of our customers.

Also, without mentioning them all, we would like to thank those who have trusted us for several years for some and more recently for others, in alphabetical order:


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