Not so far


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Not so far

The end of the year holidays are approaching and it is for us the occasion to wish you the best for yourselves, your close relations, your families and your friends.

It's a chance to remind yourself that nothing is so far away; those loved ones, families and friends, in fact. So enjoy them as much as you can.

Your dreams, your ambitions are not so far from your concrete realities if you decide to go and look just behind the hill, just behind the mountain. This is what we try to do, and this picture, taken a few leagues from our office in Trets , illustrates it quite well. A few kilometers away, you can see the Mercantour park, as if it were at hand, and yet it is more than 180 km away...

This year again we were particularly proud of your dreams, of the projects you entrusted to us and that we shared together. We wish you more dreams and as Romain Gary said "When one man dreams, it is only a dream. But if many men dream together, it is the beginning of a new reality."

Kind regards.

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