Don't talk about #digital anymore. Take it in hand!


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Don't talk about #digital anymore. Take it in hand!

There hasnever been so much talk about #digital, #digitalisation of the company, of customer relations, .... of e-transformation, ...

Digital technology allows us to offer a multitude of services to the user. These services are themselves the fruit of the user's imagination. By experimenting with new uses through digital, they imagine others and become the source of inspiration for the creation of new services.

With digital, more than ever, the user is at the heart of change! These changes influence, disrupt and modify our processes, our models, our organizations and our companies. They also stimulate our Information Systems (IS) and require a complex adaptation.

Our information systems are a reflection of our organizations. They reproduce the silos we have created in our companies and our teams. But digital is waiting for a real transversality, in terms of organization, business lines, knowledge, but also information and data management.

This transversality calls for the birth of hybrid IT solutions that combine a Learning Management System (LMS) with a CRM and a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) here, or an ERP with an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) and an Incident Management tool there.

So how do you approach this type of project?

Like the solutions we develop, the approach must be mixed. It combines agile approaches, based on tightly-knit project teams (representative of the company's various departments and businesses), with more traditional UML-type database modeling approaches.

From our experience in accompanying companies in the choice and implementation of CSR, we now intervene in project management and project management for the definition and development of this type of solution.

So if you want to know more, we offer you a free and personalized study to help you easily enter the digital world.

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