RGPD: Fed up?


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RGPD: Fed up?

For several days now we have been receiving dozens of emails per hour from all our suppliers and partners confirming that they are in compliance with the GDPR... By the way, should we say RGPD, RGDP, GPRD, GDPR.....? The late, great French-Belgian rock singer would have had a " turni...". However, we should not forget that this legislation is above all there to protect us and not to allow anyone to do anything with an increasingly important element of our own identity and free choice

But, like us, you have neither the time nor the leisure to go through the countless and voluminous documentation we receive to confirm or not our consent on what these partners do with our data. iDeMa has decided to explain it to you in a simple heuristic map which fits on one page. For further information please call me or send an email to contact@idema.si

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