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Change of domain!

New domain name

A few weeks ago, we undertook to change our domain name to :

  • To have a more user-friendly url for browsers to find our website (have you noticed its new visual identity?)
  • To have a more user-friendly URL to find our website (have you noticed its new visual identity?)
  • Take advantage of the new domain names available on the market in line with our activities in the IT sector
  • To facilitate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and allow more people to find us on the first page of the major search engines. AND even on the first line if you type in has therefore been replaced by! si as an information system of course!

New performance

The results were immediate and our audience improved immediately. Moreover, with the addition of a few publications, the indicators were very positive. All of this is of course in line with all the "surprises" that we announced in our post of 3/06/20 entitled " Pretty good" !

Collateral impacts with suppliers

What surprised us, however, was the great difficulty in filling in the profiles of the many platforms and suppliers' spaces we have registered with.

In telephony, insurance, banking, energy supply, travel and transport companies, rental agencies, supplies of all kinds.... Apart from a few rare cases (especially in the banking sector, for which we would like to congratulate them), most of these so-called " digital " platforms seem to have neglected the functionality of changing e-mail identifiers. It is very often impossible to change this data quickly or, in the best case, the operation is extremely time-consuming.

It is true that an e-mail address can be interpreted as a unique identifier, and thus have special security features, but in most cases it seems that this possibility of modification is not properly implemented and tested. And when there is no support available or identified contact person to help you, the problem becomes a real headache. Where we thought these address changes would be sorted out in a few minutes, we had to spend at least 15 minutes per supplier to make these changes, which is 3 days "full time equivalent "! What is most worrying is the way in which this data is processed, which is in essence personal data and which is obviously not perfectly mapped, since it is often necessary to send several requests to different departments in order for the necessary steps to be taken. Thus, applications that seemed to be beautiful achievements were in the end poorly designed and damaging to the image of the companies concerned.

Data and DCM to be optimised

But above all, what lies behind these dysfunctions is still a problem of Data and the Conceptual Data Model (CDM). In a way, this is the engine of the application, the architecture of the tool that organises the data in relation to each other. And from this point of view, although digital technology has considerably improved the ergonomics of interfaces for greater user comfort, it too often seems to neglect the importance of a good DCM. It's like delivering a Ferrari with a 2CV engine.... So dear suppliers, when you want to offer your customers beautiful interfaces, demand a good MCD! It is essential, even if the subject is not so "sexy" at first sight, it is fundamental to treat it well from the beginning of the project.

Imagine a good recipe for Christmas turkey, badly written despite the beauty of the dish.... The atmosphere with your guests is likely to spoil the party. So enjoy your loved ones, even if they can't be as numerous as usual this year, and allow them to enjoy good food that is properly prepared and tasted.

Happy holidays to all.

Image Source : google analytics audience site - geographical summary on 21/12/20

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