Big Data or Big Bazaar?

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Big Data or Big Bazaar?

Big Data is all the rage... even to the point of claiming that it could be a gateway toArtificial Intelligence...
Don't we already have assisted navigation systems and lane change software that depend on data recorded and analysed in real time...

Collection mechanisms on individuals and objects are multiplying. Mobile and multimedia tools have given rise to new communication practices. It is the race to the event. And the proliferation of digital data is accelerating this frenzy of searching for the slightest piece of information. But what do we really retain, and more importantly, what do we do with it?

This quantitative explosion of information of different origin, nature and format must not distract us from what it carries and what it brings us. The conpulsive recovery of data is not an end in itself if it does not allow us to restore "matter". Without quality, quantity is nothing!

It is therefore not only a question of designing new orders of magnitude in terms of capture, sharing and storage, but also of facilitating decision-making and reducing all types of risk by means of increasingly synthetic analysis and presentation tools.

It is not simply a question of compiling data that is constantly increasing, but also of giving it meaning. Because beyond the veracity and reliability of the information, which is the preamble to any study, it is important to authenticate and contextualise it for increasingly personalised and predictive analyses.

So, far from abandoning our modelling methods, it is important to adapt them to these new masses of volume with heterogeneous shapes, without forgetting of course to focus our reflections on response times, without confusing speed with haste, because real time must integrate and manage even uncertainty!

Without denying the importance of query software, the reactive exploitation of data cannot do without its organisation in a structured architecture.

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