Agility: when diversity means richness


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Agility: when diversity means richness

Since March 1st, Natixis Car Lease has launched the pilot phase of MyCarLease. This is a vast digital project for car leasing (more precisely, long-term car leasing for professionals) initiated within the Big Factory, the innovation incubator of the SFS division of Natixis. We had the great privilege of participating in this adventure.

We were eager to share this experience with you, both for its marketing and human dimensions.

But what is MyCarLease?" MyCarLease offers a customer journey digital accompanied MyCarLease offers a customer journey of long-term car leasing services for professionals. From the configuration of the vehicle, to the selection of options, to the choice of the duration and mileage, all the components are adjusted in real time. More than 30 brands and thousands of models are available to the customer from the comfort of his or her own sofa, with remote expert assistance available whenever help is needed. The customer can complete his order in 70 seconds thanks to the electronic signature.

To find out more, read the excellent article by Patrick DELATTRE, Product Owner at Natixis Car Lease, and don't hesitate to visit if you are a Banque Populaire customer or if you are a Caisse d'Épargne customer.

So let's go back to the marketing aspects of this experience.

Digitalisation is obviously changing our organisations and requires our offerings to evolve considerably. Like any change, it may give rise to certain fears. But make no mistake, it is not an option, the market is demanding it! Our customers are demanding increasingly practical, mobile, connected services... and these services are not necessarily opposed to the point of sale (retail) and human contact. On the contrary, they will enrich it for a better customer experience.

This is undoubtedly another good time for IT projects. But it is also an intense period for rethinking our commercial offers, our services, whether we are a small retailer, anaeronautics manufacturer or a banker.

In this "Test and Learn" phase that this MyCArLease pilot represents, the first customer feedback is edifying. I would like to mention two of them.

"I regret not contacting my banker earlier".

This first testimony proves that digital does not oppose retail. On the contrary, it reinforces it, but certainly at the cost of real changes. It is a universe in the midst of a big bang. We haven't finished going round it. We are just dreaming of walking on the moon one day...

"Don't change anything, keep it up - make people's lives easier

This second testimony is a manifesto in itself in favour of digital and what the public expects instead of existing paperwork or processes worthy of the Upper Cretaceous.

Froma human point of view, this project has brought together heterogeneous skills from the company itself but also from several external companies specialised in Web development, UX/UI design (User Experience - User Interface), Digital Marketing (Growth Hacking). Girls, boys, young and old (I'm 50 this year), from Vesoul, Tunis, Colombo or Guéret.

A single identity: the project.

One motivation: its success.

This experience is for all those who have lived it a moment which will remain strong and which stimulates us to go even further on this journey of transformation of our organisations.

Thanks to our client for inviting us.

President iDeMa and Consultant

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